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Here at Effective Media Company we provide a plethora of Public Relations and Media Production services. Our multilingual media firm knows that good Public Relations, professional work, perfect training and coaching about the latest trends, etc, are very important for the success of our client’s vision. We have 25 years of Public Relations and Media Production experience. We have worked with organizations and companies from several countries.

Our approach

The key to our successful collaborative approach is our holistic and open attitude with our staff, partners, and clients. We don’t just work for you; we work with you. At Effective Media Company, we take pride in listening to the specific needs of each client to help us establish a long-term relationship on your behalf with your target audiences.


Effective Media offers a broad array of services, enabling our clients with the opportunity to present us with their vision and leave with a well-executed product. Additionally, we offer the following services: assistance in media strategy design, message creation, production, scripting, talent coaching, media positioning, branding, public relations strategy creation and execution.


Effective Media Company prides itself in tailoring projects to each of our client's needs. We are capable of completing any production or public relations assignment, large or small. Our multi-ethnic staff makes us experts at reaching each of the following markets: African American, Asian & Island Pacific, US Hispanic, non-US Hispanic, Brazil and Canada


We are a team of creative, hardworking and talented producers, writers, directors, cameramen and technicians who specialize in bringing your visions and idea to life. From pre-production conversations to live telecasts, they work together to bring a script to life. There is nothing that would make them happier than having the opportunity to make someone’s dreams come true.

Our Clients

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We are dedicated to working with our clients, side by side, to generate their vision of the future. We involve our clients in each and every segment of our Effective Media Strategy helping to create a seamless integrated experience while providing optimal results that our clients deserve.

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