Effective Media Company takes pride in our award winning staff of producers, writers, directors. The combination of these superior craftsmen enables our clients to take their production to the next level.We begin each production project by consulting internally with our staff of trained professionals .EMC feels that it is critical to employ a qualified team to ensure proper assessment of each production’s technical needs. Our estaff works around the clock to ensure production is technically sound and meets the legal FCC requirements while incorporating state-of–the-art technology and techniques to achieve an effectively impressive result that our clients are seeking.

Our team of producers and writers come from either television or film. Their varied experience in production and writing can be attributed to their extensive coverage of sports, entertainment, and news. We encourage them to communicate regularly with their audience in order to maintain their ability to bring a script to life and deliver it with style.unique aspect of Effective Media Company’s production and technical staff is that throughout their careers they have worked with all of the major English & Spanish language networks in the US and many of those abroad.